About Us

LauraLea & Tripp Fabulous is a 5 piece, high energy party band that has toured the biggest rooms on the East coast for the past 15 years. From Killington, VT to Key West, FL, and everywhere in between, the band has dazzled audiences at the top clubs, casinos, and concert venues with their unmatched musicianship and talent for throwing a party from the stage.  If you find yourself at a Tripp show, you will find yourself at a party – singing along, dancing, losing yourself in the music, and leaving with only one request:  ONE MORE SONG.

Tripp Fabulous is proudly represented by AEM Inc.  For all booking inquiries, please reach out to Frank Annunziata at 1-800-773-0337.


Lead vocals, guitar, keys, bass, drums, violin
Yes, she can do it all. An accomplished songwriter and recording artist, LL has sold over 50,000 copies of her self-titled acoustic album “LauraLea.”
Likes: correcting your grammar, Dewar’s, cats


Lead vocals, keys, emcee
Keith is an ASCAP published recording artist and just finished recording his second studio album as KP Superstar.
Likes: Superhero movies, Philly sports teams, picking things up and putting them down


Drums, backing vocals, producer
John toured the U.S. with national act Eight Days Gone. He is an accomplished songwriter and recording engineer.
Likes: dancing, group texts, cake


Bass, videographer
Mike is a songwriter and renowned YouTuber with millions of views on his videos. Don’t believe us? HERE’s proof.
Likes: scooters, Monster energy drinks, quantum physics


January 12, 2020

We Found Our Man!

LauraLea & Tripp Fabulous officially welcomes Jordan Demarest to the #TripFam!We don’t need to tell you what a huge impact this monster talent has had on our scene and we are ECSTATIC and grateful to have him as our brother on stage. With so many new and exciting things ... Read More »

January 12, 2020

Upcoming Shows

Check Facebook for upcoming solo LL shows, band duos, trios, and full band appearances! LauraLea & Tripp Fabulous take their own health and the health of their fans very seriously. You will only find them at venues where they feel every necessary precaution has been taken to ensure everyone’s safety.